Carta d’identità elettronica italiana (Italian ID card)


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Document: Identification Card (ID Card)

Country: Italian

Type: Electronic

Validation: 10 Years

Availability: 3 – 5 days

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Buy Quality Italian electronic Identity Card (Carta d’identità elettronica italiana) at Quality  Docs with 10 years validity.

The 2016 Electronic Identity Card is a personal identification document that certifies the holder’s identity and a means of authentication for online Government services.

It aims to streamline and speed up communication between the state and citizens.

The 2016 Carta d’identità elettronica (CIE 3.0), the new Italian eID card, has a credit card format.

It is replacing the old paper-based ID document and former eID card (CIE) issued as of 2001. The new identity card is available to all Italian citizens.

The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance set the cost by decree at 16.79 Euros, VAT included. Municipalities add some administrative costs. The average price for citizens is 23 Euros.


In Italy, it is not compulsory to carry the card itself. But the official document is very handy to prove who you are in public offices


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